Because there are many different variations in ordering signs we think a little guidance is necessary to help you order your sign from us.

Please remember that if at any stage of the process you get lost or get fed up trying to understand what is going on .... pick up the phone (01493 651 222) and ask us and we will take your order over the phone if you prefer.

On all the ranges there are example images of the various signs and plaques available, these will not be the only colours available or indeed sizes. Find one that looks like the plaque that best suits your requirements and click on it. If this is the only size available for this particular example you will go straight to a page asking you to choose colours, lettering styles, fonts etc.

Where there are different sizes available for the example chosen you will be asked to select this on the next screen before you move onto colours, lettering etc.

Examine the options available and select to suit. You can add motifs where they are available as well.

At each step of the selection process, if there is a price implication the price on the screen will change as you select so you will know at all times (ie, as you add each letter for example) what the price of the finished item is going to be.

When you have completed your selection, click 'Add To Cart' and then either checkout and pay for your order by Credit Card or using your PayPal account or add another item to your order.

You can edit your selection at any time as well before paying for it.